130-year-old time capsule found in base of statue of Confederate general

The vehicle of time
The box will be opened on Tuesday,
Said Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Twitter

WASHINGTON: Workers smashing a Confederate General’s Statue pedestal discovered a copper box believed to be buried 130 years ago, the second apparent time capsule found at the site.


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tweeted with pictures of the box.

“Probably this is the time capsule that everyone is searching for. According to a 1887 newspaper article, during the Civil War there were remnants of a time capsule hidden at the foot of a statue of General Robert E. Lee of the Northern Virginia Army, such as buttons and balls, federal currency, cards, A rare portrait of President Abraham Lincoln in his coffin and other items, the box will open at 1:00 p.m. (1800 GMT) on Tuesday, Northam said in a subsequent tweet, adding that “experts believe that coins, books, buttons and ammunition from the Civil War There could be, ”he said.

The statue’s base was unveiled by the Conservatives last week, but it was clearly not a 1887 newspaper article at the time because it contained three steep books, a photo in a steep cloth cover and a coin.

These items were found to be memorable signs for descendants by some of the workers who built the statue. The time capsule found on Monday is almost twice as large. The statue of Lee in the southern capital, Virginia, was overthrown in September during the bloody conflict of 1861-65, one of the few monuments visited by the Pro-Slavery Confederation in recent months. The statue became the focus of protests against racial justice last year after the death of a black man, George Floyd, who was murdered by a white Minnesota police officer. During the Civil War, the federal southern states seceded from the United States and fought to maintain slavery, which was abolished by the rest of the country.

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