20 strongest militaries

RANKED: The world’s 20 strongest militaries

20) Canada

Budget: $15.7 billion
Active frontline personnel: 92,000
Tanks: 181
Total aircraft: 420
Submarines: 4

Due to the country’s limited number of active troops, absence of aircraft carriers and attack helicopters, and lack of tanks and submarines, Canada came in last on the list. Canada, on the other hand, has continued to participate in US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and is a NATO member.

Canada is also a participant in the US F-35 programme, but it may opt out of buying F-35s depending on the results of the October elections.

19) Indonesia

Budget: $6.9 billion
Active frontline personnel: 476,000
Tanks: 468
Total aircraft: 405
Submarines: 2

The Indonesian military ranked higher than Canada because of its huge number of active troops and tanks. The military, on the other hand, lacks ships and planes, as well as a small number of submarines.

18) Germany

Budget: $40.2 billion
Active frontline personnel: 179,046
Tanks: 408
Total aircraft: 663
Submarines: 4

Due to a lack of power projection platforms, the German military came in last on the list. Germany lacks an aircraft carrier and has a small number of submarines, lowering its position according to Credit Suisse’s criteria.

Germany, on the other hand, has a sizable assault helicopter fleet. Recently, the nation has begun to explore providing military assistance to NATO allies from Eastern Europe.

17) Poland

Budget: $9.4 billion
Active frontline personnel: 120,000
Tanks: 1,009
Total aircraft: 467
Submarines: 5

Due to a greater number of tanks and a better developed submarine fleet, Poland beats Germany to the top of the list. In response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the continuing Ukraine conflict, Poland has significantly boosted its military expenditures.

16) Thailand

Budget: $5.39 billion
Active frontline personnel: 306,000
Tanks: 722
Total aircraft: 573
Submarines: 0

Following a coup in May 2014, Thailand’s military now controls the nation. The military plays an important role in preserving Thai unity, and Credit Suisse gives Thailand high marks for the number of active troops, tanks, and the presence of an aircraft carrier.

Thailand likewise performs well since it possesses an aircraft carrier, despite the fact that it does not have an aircraft force to go with it.

15) Australia

Budget: $26.1 billion
Active frontline personnel: 58,000
Tanks: 59
Total aircraft: 408
Submarines: 6

The number of active troops and tanks in Australia’s military are among the lowest in the world, according to the study. It also ranks towards the bottom for the number of aircraft in its fleet.

However, Australia’s rating is boosted by Credit Suisse owing to its assault helicopters and submarines.

14) Israel

Budget: $17 billion
Active frontline personnel: 160,000
Tanks: 4,170
Total aircraft: 684
Submarines: 5

In absolute terms, Israel’s military is tiny. However, due to obligatory military service, a significant portion of Israel’s population is militarily prepared. Israel has a strong tank, aircraft, and attack helicopter force because to its history of being surrounded by hostile neighbours.

Israel also has superior military capabilities. Space assets, sophisticated fighter aircraft, high-tech armed drones, and nuclear weapons are all part of its arsenal.

13) Taiwan

Budget: $10.7 billion
Active frontline personnel: 290,000
Tanks: 2,005
Total aircraft: 804
Submarines: 4

Tawain has concentrated its military development on defensive preparations in response to China’s continued intentions to invade and recapture the nation. As a result, the island boasts the sixth most attack helicopters in the world. It also has a sizable aircraft fleet and a handful of tanks.

12) Egypt

Budget: $4.4 billion
Active frontline personnel: 468,500
Tanks: 4,624
Total aircraft: 1,107
Submarines: 4

The Egyptian military is one of the Middle East’s oldest and biggest armed services. It gets significant financial assistance from the United States and boasts the world’s fifth biggest tank fleet. It possesses approximately 1,000 M1A1 Abrams tanks in storage, many of which have never been deployed.

Egypt has a sizable aviation force as well.

11) Pakistan

Budget: $7 billion
Active frontline personnel: 617,000
Tanks: 2,924
Total aircraft: 914
Submarines: 8

In terms of active troops, the Pakistani military is one of the world’s biggest. The nation also has significant tank, aircraft, and attack helicopter fleets, according to Credit Suisse.

Furthermore, Pakistan is believed to be rapidly developing nuclear weapons, with the potential to have the world’s third biggest nuclear arsenal within the next decade.

10) Turkey

Budget: $18.2 billion
Active frontline personnel: 410,500
Tanks: 3,778
Total aircraft: 1,020
Submarines: 13

Turkey has one of the biggest military forces in the eastern Mediterranean. Only five nations on Credit Suisse’s list have more submarines than Turkey, despite the absence of an aircraft carrier.

In addition, the nation has a sizable tank fleet, as well as a significant number of planes and attack helicopters.

Turkey is a firm supporter of the F-35 programme.

9) United Kingdom

Budget: $60.5 billion
Active frontline personnel: 146,980
Tanks: 407
Total aircraft: 936
Submarines: 10

Despite plans to decrease the strength of the UK’s armed forces by 20% between 2010 and 2018, the country can still radiate its influence across the globe.

In 2020, the Royal Navy plans to deploy the HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier with a 4.5-acre flight deck, into service, transporting 40 F-35B joint strike fighters around the world.

8) Italy

Budget: $34 billion
Active frontline personnel: 320,000
Tanks: 586
Total aircraft: 760
Submarines: 6

Due to the country’s possession of two operational aircraft carriers, the Italian military scored well in Credit Suisse’s study. These carriers, along with Italy’s relatively strong submarine and attack helicopter squadrons, significantly improved the country’s position.

7) South Korea

Budget: $62.3 billion
Active frontline personnel: 624,465
Tanks: 2,381
Total aircraft: 1,412
Submarines: 13

In the face of possible North Korean invasion, South Korea has no option but to maintain a strong and effective military. South Korea possesses a number of submarines, assault helicopters, and active troops in response to these circumstances.

The nation also boasts a sizable tank fleet and the world’s sixth biggest air force.

6) France

Budget: $62.3 billion
Active frontline personnel: 202,761
Tanks: 423
Total aircraft: 1,264
Submarines: 10

The French military is tiny, yet it is well-trained, professional, and capable of projecting power.

The Charles de Gaulle, a virtually new aircraft carrier, is stationed in the nation, and France participates in military deployments throughout Africa on a regular basis to assist in the stabilisation of governments and the battle against terrorism.

5) India

Budget: $50 billion
Active frontline personnel: 1,325,000
Tanks: 6,464
Total aircraft: 1,905
Submarines: 15

India has one of the world’s most powerful militaries. It possesses the most active personnel of any nation other than the United States and China, as well as the most tanks and planes of any country other than the United States, China, or Russia.

India is also in possession of nuclear weapons. By 2020, it is projected to be the world’s fourth largest military spender.

4) Japan

Budget: $41.6 billion
Active frontline personnel: 247,173
Tanks: 678
Total aircraft: 1,613
Submarines: 16

In terms of size, the Japanese military is very tiny. Despite this, the nation is quite well prepared.

It has the fourth biggest submarine fleet in the world, according to Credit Suisse. Japan also has four aircraft carriers, but they only have helicopter fleets on board.

Behind China, Russia, and the United States, Japan has the fourth biggest attack helicopter fleet.

3) China

Budget: $216 billion
Active frontline personnel: 2,333,000
Tanks: 9,150
Total aircraft: 2,860
Submarines: 67

In the last several decades, China’s military has expanded significantly in terms of both strength and capabilities. It has the world’s biggest military in terms of sheer personnel. It also boasts the world’s second-largest tank fleet, behind only Russia, and the world’s second-largest submarine fleet, trailing only the United States.

China has also made significant progress in its military modernization programme, and is currently working on a variety of potentially game-changing military technology such as ballistic missiles and fifth-generation aircraft.

2) Russia

Budget: $84.5 billion
Active frontline personnel: 766,055
Tanks: 15,398
Total aircraft: 3,429
Submarines: 55

The Russian armed forces are without a doubt the world’s second most powerful military force. Russia has the world’s biggest tank fleet, second-largest aircraft fleet, and third-largest submarine fleet, behind only the United States and China.

Military expenditure in Russia has risen by almost a third since 2008, and is projected to climb by another 44% in the next three years. With the deployment of troops to Syria, Russia has also proven its capacity to project power overseas.

1) United States

Budget: $601 billion
Active frontline personnel: 1,400,000
Tanks: 8,848
Total aircraft: 13,892
Submarines: 72

Despite sequestration and other budget cutbacks, the US spends more on military than the following nine nations on Credit Suisse’s index combined ($601 billion).

The US has a fleet of ten aircraft carriers, which is its most significant conventional military advantage. In contrast, India, which is currently building its third carrier, has the world’s second-most carriers.

The US also possesses the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal, as well as the most aircraft of any nation, cutting-edge technology like the Navy’s new rail gun, and a huge and highly-trained human force.

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