Back at you babe
Back at you babe
Hey lil mama
Glanced at you when I walked away lil mama
Thinking you and me should spend the day lil mama
I know it sound good watcha say lil mama
She like back at you babe
Roll roll up with a ceaser
Hat to the back
Partin up one sleeve up
No jewels on but of course still gd up
Buzz to my phone I be home later on
I get, back at you babe
Known as a charmer
But I play smarter
Gotta stay honest
Im on em like garmets
Walk with a lean
Try to mack to a chick no convo
She said I get back at you babe
I get back at you babe
I said I get back at you babe
What, about a year later

Buzz grew even though I still had haters
Focus on the right things
Getting at the paper
Same girl want me I aint even gonna chase her
I get back at you babe
When the funds got lower
Knee deep in it feelin like it was over
Let me hold nuttin he gave me the cold shoulder
Now im getting money actin like I don’t know ya
To get back a you babe
that’s word to the wise
Showin true colors aint livin in disguise
Sayin what is real with a real cool vibe
Messages that I leave when I breeze in the ride
I get back at you babe
I get back at you babe
I said I get back at you babe

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