Bank accidentally deposits $176 million into people’s accounts on Christmas Day

A sign hangs from a bank Santander branch in London, UK on Wednesday, February. 3, 2010.Simon Dawson | Bloomberg by Getty Images

Thousands of people received surprise gifts on Christmas Day this year when European bank Santander accidentally deposited £ 130 million (US $ 176 million) in 75,000 transactions. His salary doubled when the sellers got more than they expected.

Bank accounts operated by rival banks. “We regret that due to a technical problem, some of our corporate customers ‘payments were incorrectly duplicated into recipients’ accounts,” a Santander told CNBC.

“As a result, none of our customers have ever been out of their pockets and we will continue to work with many banks across the UK to restore duplicate transactions in the coming days. According to reports, the incident could upset some paymasters on Christmas Day and December 26.

“He wasted my vacation time thinking I accidentally paid hundreds of thousands. I felt I had done something wrong, “a payroll manager told the BBC.

Only me and I would get in trouble at work. The payroll manager added that Santander did not disclose how companies should explain the second payment to employees, nor did it provide any information on reimbursement, according to the report.

He said the fund recovery process is an industrial process known as “bank troubleshooting process”.

He added that he has started working with other banks as per procedure and these banks will try to collect contingency payments from their customers’ accounts and they also have the option to withdraw funds directly from people’s accounts.

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