Dynasty Studios raises $5M to take traditional games into blockchain

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Dynasty Studios has raised 5 million to create a blockchain game that appeals to mainstream gamers.

It’s a case of moving other mainstream game studios to nonfangible tokens (NFTs), which blockchain uses to authenticate unique digital items to improve monetization for games. NFTs’ siren song is attracting more and more traditional game developers day by day and game investors are accelerating this change.

Framework Ventures led the round. Other investors include CoinFund, Dapper Labs, Wood Investment Partners, Timo Schlaefer and Stefano Schiavi. With NFTs, such investors believe they can enable new business models for sports, as NFTs use blockchain to authenticate unique digital items such as integration.

While NFT games such as Axis Infinity have managed to draw millions of players daily and add value, critics say the games aren’t fun, and Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Games, says it’s more exploitative than entertainment. But Dynasty is one of the traditional game companies that believes NFTs and high-quality gameplay are not mutually exclusive.


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Above: Dynasty Studios is a new game studio born out of a staff of logic artists.

Image Credit: Dynasty Studio

He believes that the company that succeeds in creating high-quality NFT games will lead to mass market adoption. Other mainstream game makers creating NFT games include Ubisoft and Com2Us, as well as experienced game developers such as Will Wright, Peter Molinex, Austin Grossman and Graeme Divine.

Dynasty Studios originates from Logic Artists, founded in 2011 as a gaming studio based in Denmark. She has created games like the title of the Expeditions series and is completing work on Expeditions: Rome, which will be published by THQ Nordic. After that, Logic Artists will shut down and its staff will join Dynasty Studios.

Logic artists – whose leaders are now running the dynasty – specialize in strategic role-playing games for PCs and consoles. But with the rise of blockchain technology, the team has spent the past year on its vision of shaping player-driven, on-chain economic strategies to further expand Triple-A gameplay.

Ali Ameck, CEO of Dynasty Studios, said in an interview with Gamesbeat that the company adopts a “gamer first” approach, providing rich gameplay experiences in a universe of strong in-game economies. He said that the first title of the dynasty would be the next large-scale multiplayer survival triple-a-quality game, codenamed HAN.

“We’ve been looking at blockchain technology and this space very closely over the last year,” Ameck said. “And we see a lot of interesting and exciting opportunities there. We want to use technology in the game and create a game for gamers. Our goal with Dynasty is to combine these to create games for gamers powered by blockchain.

Above: Ali Amek (left) is the co-founder of Dynasty Studios.

Image Credit: Dynasty Studio

The game will provide an innovative player experience, where gamers can immerse themselves in the gameplay from time to time. At the same time, Dynasty gives players the option to take full advantage of on-chain, tradable, in-game items.

This style of game development reflects the dynasty’s commitment to the “play-and-earn” model rather than the “play-to-earn”. That is, he does not want players to be motivated to make money just by playing NFT games. Instead, he wants them to enjoy the benefits of the game and the NFTs at the same time.

With this model, Dynasty franchises are targeting players who want to play first, and earn second, by placing them as financial gain as an additional benefit, rather than the purpose of gaming, Ameck said.

Ameck agrees with critics of current blockchain games that feature poor gameplay and seem like scams, in which players are more interested in the earnings component. He doesn’t think games should be given priority over in-game economies at the expense of creating quality gameplay. And he believes that the additional level of economic opportunities offered by blockchain and NFTs will add new depth to traditional multiplayer games.

With HAN as the flagship title, all projects coming under the Comprehensive Dynasty franchise will be designed into an ecosystem, where game assets assume multiple forms and offer different, interoperable utilities across different games.

“With over a decade of experience in the traditional gaming industry, we believe Dynasty Team is well positioned to build a bridge between both mainstream gamers and crypto originals to explore exciting and high-quality gameplay,” said Vance Spencer, co-founder of Framework Ventures. . In a statement. “Dynasty Studios is a remarkable example of how gaming companies can integrate with emerging technology without forgetting to make their games unique and appealing to the gaming community.”

The framework is a team of technologists, researchers and investors who buy assets, who builds and who participate in open crypto networks. Through its registered investment advisor, Framework Ventures Management LLC (“Framework Ventures”), the firm has endorsed dozens of notable companies in decentralized finance and the Web 3 space, including Synthetics and ChainLink.

Emek said the company has hired many developers from logic artists to work on the games, and it has also hired new people with cryptocurrency and blockchain skills to bring out the talent. The company has 45 people in its studios in Copenhagen and Istanbul, Turkey.

The company has not yet said when the original game will be released, but it is preparing to release details of the game soon.

The company started working with ideas and concepts last year, and this year it is hiring employees and it is targeting more than 100 people next year.

Above: Dynasty Studios has offices in Copenhagen and Istanbul.

Image Credit: Dynasty Studio

“Our productivity and our mindset doesn’t change much,” Ameck said. “It’s more about adopting technology and using it in sports. So we are not creating blockchain games. We create games using blockchain. We’re still targeting gamers. “

MK said the collectibles represent an interesting area to explore for games with blockchain. Survival style can fit well with crafting and base-building gameplay, he said.

“We’re not here to make a product,” he said. “We’re here to make a number of products under the franchise.”


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