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10 Best Free Android App Killers in 2021

An Android smartphone is used by over a billion people at any given time. We get a lot of responses on our Facebook page from people asking how to speed up a sluggish Android phone. Many people are concerned about the slowing down of Android smartphones over time. There may be a variety of reasons for this, including trash files, malfunctioning hardware, flaws, and so on.

Most of the time, it was background applications that caused the devices to slow down. Because the task manager is available on a Windows PC, terminating processes and applications is simple. On Android, however, there is no such option to kill applications. Users may delete applications by heading to the Apps settings, but this takes a long time and is cumbersome.

You should utilize the Android task management applications if you want to enhance the performance and battery life of your smartphone. These task management or app killer applications for Android can locate and terminate background programs.

10 Best Free Android App Killers in 2021

As a result, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top app killers for Android that can be used to enhance the speed and battery life of your smartphone.

1. KillApps

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your phone, clear up memory, and conserve battery life, KillApps is the software for you. What’s more, guess what? KillApps is one of the finest app killers on the Google Play Store, capable of killing all active applications with a single touch. KillApps may terminate not just applications, but also background activities and services.

2. Task Killer

The app’s name reveals a lot about the app. Task Killer is an Android app that displays information about background processes, applications, and tasks. The Task Killer allows you to terminate specified background applications and processes. It also includes an Auto Kill function that stops applications from resuming their previous state after being terminated.

3. Taskmanager

Taskmanager, on the other hand, is a helpful and lightweight Android software for killing background applications. The app’s Google Play Store page doesn’t mention much about it, but it has all of the features you’ll need to manage your Android applications. It includes a function that allows you to terminate all running applications with a single touch. You may also build a custom list to allow you to ignore applications that you don’t want to delete.

4. Greenify

Greenify, on the other hand, isn’t really an app killer since it puts the app into sleep mode. Greenify, on the other hand, is a popular software among Android users since it can detect and put misbehaving or idle applications into hibernation mode. As a result, the software significantly enhances smartphone performance and reduces delays and battery drain. The software is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones, although it performs better on the latter.

5. Advanced Task Manager

The Advanced Task Manager is one of the finest and most highly rated Android task managers on the Google Play Store. Because it has a RAM cleaner, app killer, battery optimizer, and other features, it may be used as an Android optimization app. The Advanced Task Manager gives users the option of killing applications manually or automatically. You can kill applications, games, set up a regular kill, startup kill, and more in manual mode. In Auto Mode, the software shuts down all background applications and processes.

6. Castro

Castro is distinct from the other applications mentioned on this page. It’s a program that allows you to get detailed information about your gadgets. Castro has a number of tools for tracking your battery use, CPU statistics, WiFi information, sensor details, app details, and so on. The software may be used to identify faulty processes. However, you must manually terminate the applications.

7. Skit

Skit is for Android users who are looking for a simple and intelligent application manager. The Android app gives you a lot of information about all of your user and system apps. Not only that, but it also allows consumers to stop any activity or service they are using.

8. SystemPanel 2

SystemPanel 2 is one of the most sophisticated task management applications on the list, allowing you to see and control almost everything. It displays active applications and tracks their battery, CPU, and wake lock use. Not only that, but it also looks at the most recent battery use. Aside from that, it also allows you to deactivate specific app services, system packages, and so on.

9. Servicely

Servicely is battery-saving software that allows you to permanently deactivate or enable any service on your smartphone. It provides a comprehensive overview of all installed and running apps in the background. Servicely, on the other hand, is limited to rooted Android devices.

10. 3C Task Manager

The 3C Task Manager is one of the finest task managers for Android, despite its lack of fame. The 3C Task Manager, unlike all other applications, utilizes the Accessibility services to halt apps on non-rooted devices. You can utilize the app to its full extent if your smartphone is rooted. You may, for example, terminate any applications or processes, examine kernel processes, and so on.

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