GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming reunite for a virtual event of thought leadership 

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From metavers to micro payments, upheavals in the digital ad ecosystem and more, big changes are pushing the pike down for the gaming industry. And three-day panels and discussions, Gamesbeat and Facebook Gaming will present expert insights and in-depth discussions on all the latest gaming trends at the virtual event during January 25-27, 2022. The first day of the event is dedicated to the top. -Off-Mind industry issues and most important growth opportunities, including digital advertising and privacy changes, updates to cloud gaming, app monetization and more – and how these events can metastasize something more. The second and third days are entirely devoted to the ongoing promise of the Metavers.

Read on for a look at the three-day speakers, ideas and insights of the event.

First day | Tuesday, January 25, 2022

2nd Annual GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit

On the first day, Powerhouse will launch the 2nd Annual GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit, with gaming experts from Matana, senior gaming execs, Facebook gaming creators. The day will focus on the future of gaming, the impact of current trends on mobile gaming growth opportunities, diversity and representation in gaming and more.

Among other industry leaders, Facebook gaming product lead Andrew Moe will join special guest Jens Abke, CEO of Lotum and creator of Quiz Planet, to discuss the latest developments in the mobile advertising industry and how to optimize game monetization at this challenging time. Time

To see how disruption in the app monetization industry drives innovation, Reina Hamm, NA-West, head of the Meta Audience Network, Becky Ann Hughes, VP of Glu Mobile’s development under EA and Scott Koenigsberg, chief manufacturing officer Zynga, how to shape 2022 Joey will present his perspective on it and share key insights on trends moving the industry forward in 2025 and beyond.

Of course, the brand is central to everything that makes a company successful, from employee engagement to customer loyalty and company value. William Dinger, global sponsorship director of the iconic brand Unilever, will join Brian Colbert, head of gaming sales in the US at Meta, to talk about why it is important for gaming companies to prioritize the brand, and to hear about their partnerships with gaming brands like PUBG to expand reach. And fuel connection.

And diversity and representation are undeniably key to the development of the industry – representation of players’ experiences should run both within the industry, behind the screen and in front of it. Luis Renato Olivalves, director of the Global Gaming Creators Partnership at Meta, joins Facebook gaming creators Bre Eazy and Thrive Gaming to understand the importance of on-screen diversity and why it is increasingly needed for studio success.

Day two and three | Wednesday and Thursday, January 26-27, 2022

Gamesbeat: Into the Metavers 2

Dean Takahashi, chief author of GamesBeat, hosts GamesBeat: Into the Metavers 2 for the next two days, featuring Roblocks founder and CEO David Bazuki, President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association Stanley Pierre-Lewis, Rick Fox, founder and chief business Leaders of Unity Partner HiDef and more.

During the event, we’ll zoom in on the factors that drive innovation and change in metavers. These include the Metavers ecosystem and emerging new opportunities, changes in the creative economy, current advances in technology and their effects on Metavers and more. (A lot is to come soon about Days 2 and 3 sessions.)

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