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As parents As a teenager, I’m used to having tough, sometimes weird, conversations about complex but important topics. Most parents will agree with me when I say that this type of conversation is never easy, but over time, you tend to develop a roadmap of how to approach the topic, how you are clear, and how to answer tough questions. .

And like many parents, I quickly learned that teaching my children is the same as teaching me. I have learned that hard communication builds trust.

I have applied this lesson about trust-building conversations to the most important aspect of my role as Chief Legal Officer at ForceSquare: Managing “The Privacy Talk.”

The discussion should convey an understanding of how the legal and regulatory environment affects product offerings, including what is being done to advance that change.

What exactly is a privacy talk?

It is a conversation that goes beyond a written, publicly posted privacy policy and goes deeper into the ethics approach of the customer, seller, supplier or partner. This conversation seeks to articulate and align the expectations that the two companies should have at the start of a new engagement.

RFI can ask many questions about privacy compliance, information security and data ethics. But it’s no match to ask your potential partner to zoom in on you for a walk through their extended approach. Unless you have heard it before, it can be difficult to understand whether a partner is strategically thinking about privacy, if they are indeed committed to data ethics and how it is adhered to in their organization culture.

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