How Star Wars LEGO Special Pokes Fun At Kylo Ren’s Need For Wearing A Mask

LEGO Star Wars: Horror Stories, The latest comedy holiday-themed Star Wars The television special, Kylo Ren’s is the latest official property to have fun on the mask. Kylo Ren, formerly Ben Solo, is one of the main opponents Star Wars Although the sequel trilogy is often the subject of ridicule, both in the universe and in the real world. Like Darth Vader, Kylo Ren is a powerful dark side user who wears a masculine armored mask. Although Vader wore his mask as part of a cybernetic survival suit, Kylo wears vanity for a variety of other reasons – namely, vanity.

Ben Solo’s grandfather, Darth Vader, was Sith Lord who needed his attire due to serious injuries in the fight against Obi-Wan Canoby. As Kylo Ren, Ben worshiped Solo Vader, but there were numerous differences between the two. Kylo was never a Sith. He was a knight of Ren using the dark side with a philosophical point of view different from Sith. When Vader resigned himself to his new Sith identity, Kylo was in his lure, killing and sacrificing everyone needed to rise to his position as master of the Rain Knights.

In Non-Cannon, Kylo takes a joke about Ren’s origins Horrible stories Honest took a bit of inspiration from the four issues Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren In the comic series, Ben was fascinated by the Knights of the Rain during his JD days. In the LEGO parody, Ben joins the looting gang, but soon gets his armor, robe, and mask, as the knights need to maintain a scary look. Although not intended to be taken seriously, this repetition of Kylo Ren wears a mask for the same reason. Star Wars Canon universe.

There were many reasons why Kylo wore a mask Star Wars Sequels, but the main one is that all the knights of Ren wore armored suits, complete with the helm of battle. After abandoning his relationship with the JD, Kylo grabbed Ren as the new leader of the Knights and devoted himself to his philosophy and customs, including the use of armored masks. Aside from showing off her connection to the Knights and protecting her head, Kylo’s mask served another, more emotional, purpose.

Kylo Ren adores his grandfather, Darth Vader, who wants to be an equally terrifying dark side user, thanks in part to telepathic goding by Darth Vader. Kylo felt more like a wader when he wore his armed mask, which made his voice deeper. Kylo’s dark side master, Snook, harshly criticized Kylo in comics and films for his attempts to imitate his grandfather.

Snook, along with Po Demeron, also discusses the distortion of Kylo’s voice mask, making him the subject of frequent criticism in the universe. The traditional helmets worn by Ren’s knights were intended to spread fear among their victims, except for Kaylo Ren’s wishes to follow in Vader’s footsteps. This makes Kylo Ren a sarcastic reason to fit his mask LEGO Star Wars: Horror Stories, Because both he and the Knights of Rain were related to appearance.

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