LongTailPro can supercharge all of your SEO efforts for only $40

Long-tail keywords are usually phrases of three or more words – and are more common than you think in the world of search. In fact, about 70 percent of all Google search traffic is a long tail keyword search. More than 90 percent of long tail keywords get 10 or fewer searches per month, which means that if you find the right way to identify some of the key seed words in those long tails, you can literally get high rankings for hundreds of words. Which is based on all. One word

LongTailPro is a nifty keyword suggestion tool that can help a business or manager find those skeletal keywords that can unlock the reward of new web traffic for your product. This is part of an all-in-one package to help your potential audience find you online and turbo-charge the organization’s SEO efforts.

Once you look under the hood, it becomes clear that LongTailPro is not really an SEO tool – it’s really five SEO tools. First, there is a tried and true keyword research tool to help you find the best keywords for your project. It will help users find keywords that can extend up to 400 long-tail keywords, group and organize keywords, and help find keywords that work for competitors. Meanwhile, Rank Tracker keeps users updated daily with the latest metrics about the progress of their chosen keywords that can help fine-tune all your SEO campaigns.

There’s also a site audit feature for managing your site’s health, finding SEO errors, offering optimization ideas, tracking site speed, finding internal links, and more. The SERP Analysis Tool expands your strategy options to find 200 manual keywords, analyze competitors’ terms, and analyze their backlinks. And when it comes to backlinks, backlink analysis goes deeper into that area, which includes tracking all of your backlinks across all domains and page level metrics, fixing broken site links, and finding new backlink opportunities as soon as they appear.

For a limited time, a LongTailPro subscription that is good for finding 10,000 keywords (worth about $ 600) is now part of our second Cyber ​​Week sale. Using code Cyber ​​20, Buyers can get an additional 20% off total price and get their LongTailPro access for just $ 39.99.

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