Openfit Fitness and a massage gun are a double-barreled boost to your workout routine for over 50% off

What is the first thing on your schedule when everyday pressures and projects make the most of your time? In many cases, it’s your daily (or semi-daily) gym visit.

While spending time in the gym can be difficult at times, that doesn’t mean anyone can afford to stop their ongoing fitness regimen. With the OpenFit Fitness app, members can place laser focus on their fitness and nutritional needs from anywhere, all in one place via their phone.

OpenFit takes pride in its all-in-one style approach, starting with a two-year premium subscription to its integrated app community. Members go to the OpenFit app and choose the plan that suits them, ranging from a structured holistic program to monthly challenges to literally hundreds of on-demand workouts and live trainer-advanced classes.

Openfit offers over 450 courses each week, including Pilates, Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga, Stretching and more, allowing users to not only settle into a working routine, but build a relationship with their personal trainer. They will know you and your fitness goals, then help you reach those goals, everything from your own home.

This plan includes all the tools you need to attack your fitness needs from a holistic 360-degree view. It involves creating custom meal plans with thousands of delicious recipes while tracking your calories and activity so you will always be on top of your lifestyle.

Doing all that work will bring some improvement to the body, but it will almost certainly come at a price. When the pain and tired muscles are barking back, this package also includes a dynamic massage gun to help soothe those irritated areas. This handheld massager, only 1.5 lbs. Weighs, four speed and four different massage head packs. It just allows for the right intensity and can break down muscle cramps and tension and only bring comfort to the right place.

It also has a 16-hour long-lasting rechargeable battery, so it’s always ready to help you warm up before a workout or after you recover.

Together, the Dynamini Massage Gun retails for over 40 340 with a two-year openfit fitness app subscription. But as part of this offer, buyers get both at more than half the regular price, which reduces your total number to just $ 154 for a limited time.

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