Serving as “a force multiplier for good”

“At MIT, we believe that public service can and should be as intense, meaningful and intellectually rigorous as academic work. MIT alumni help articulate this philosophy … that serving others is not a separate activity from academic and professional work; It’s an important element of a sensible, creative life. ”

The president of the organization, L. Raphael Reef shared those ideas with alumni during the 2021 Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) session, where the MIT Alumni Association (MITAA) formally launched its MIT Alumni Better World Service Initiative. Equal parts networking site, workspace, project aggregator and storytelling platform, the initiative works for MIT alumni to create a better world through climate and sustainability, human health, STEM education, social justice and equity and more volunteer efforts.

“MIT people are restless, always wanting to use our brains and hands-and-hearts,” says Analisa Weigel, 947, ’95, SM’00, PhD’02, 127th president of the association. We hope to shed light on the students who are making a tangible impact in their careers. And By volunteering their time and talents in meaningful service projects. ”

Through the digital platform hosted by MITAA, the initiative enables alumni to communicate their efforts with peers around the world. There are three main ways to participate. Alumni are invited to submit the project they are working on to increase their visibility and enroll others interested in participating. Alumni who want to get involved in a new volunteer opportunity can explore existing projects by type of reason to find ways to share their skills and knowledge. Finally, the association is hiring “service ambassadors” or volunteers who can work in a network of approximately 143,000 alumni to build more support for projects.

Inspiring others to take action

While MIT Alumni’s Better World Service Initiative is a new endeavor, serving the community is a pillar of MIT alumni’s experience from the organization’s first grades. The association was formed in 1875 to “promote the well-being of the school and the organization in each other.” Later, in 1896, the Association of Class Secretaries became one of the first volunteer groups of MITAA, and efforts to track the history of the classes and to keep their members united continue to this day in the pages of this publication.

While the organization has benefited from a significant corps of advocates દરમિયાન during the lifetime of the MIT Campaign for a Better World, more than 27,000 alumni and friends have volunteered નવી the new initiative focuses on the off-campus world. (See sidebar on the right for recent examples of alumni in action.) Tradition will be further honored when the association presents its inaugural MIT Alumni Better World Service Award this spring to someone whose service efforts inspire alumni.

With the launch of MIT Alumni’s Better World Service Initiative, MITAA hopes that examples of excellence will encourage others to share, connect and enhance their personal contributions, joining forces for greater performance.

Whitney T., chief executive officer of the association. “The association’s ultimate vision is to connect and inspire the global MIT community to make the world a better place,” says Speech. The factorial strength of the students is a factor. As they did as students, working together with MIT alumni can be a force for good. ”

Spotlight on service

MIT has a tradition of serving others throughout the history of the alumni community. Some recent examples:

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