The Mirobot robot arm is a crash course in robotics and how world-class manufacturing happens

Robots like The Iron Giant or the 2001 HAL 9000 catch everyone’s attention when you are talking about artificial life, but the truth is that there are robots everywhere. Certain, smart and cute are often the most memorable, but play a huge, yet understated role in the modern industry of many business sectors.

Take a robotic arm, for example. The first working robot, the biceps, joined the assembly line of the New Jersey GM plant in 1961 for automated diecasting handling. Today, improved functionality, incredible accuracy, and enhanced security of industrial robotic arms are key pillars for companies working to increase their productivity.

Whether you’re interested in robotics or want to work on controlling or using these well-equipped machines, you can learn everything by going inside with this WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit.

And trust us – Mirabot is definitely not a toy. Equipped with a wide range of practical uses, these are designed for professional-grade hands-on learning. While many industrial weapons can be several feet tall and weigh hundreds of pounds, the Miroboat is only nine inches tall, yet it is equipped to work and handle the same operations as its larger cousins.

Even if you’ve never controlled a robot before, this collection provides all the training and equipment needed to make a six-axis mirobot come alive. Mirobot can be fully programmed to run automated processes, in ultra-tight 0.2mm positioning for repetitive accuracy.

The hand is fully assembled and ready to use out of the box with a variety of aerated attachments, including a suction cup, two-finger gripper, three-finger soft gripper and more to mimic any movement from holding the pen. To rotate the screw. And with the included Bluetooth controller and built-in WiFi protocols, communication is easy.

Best of all, Mirobot is fully open source, with a rich GitHub community with access to tutorials, source code and specialized guidance on customization – all available for free.

Shopkeepers can get the WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm in two configurations: educational kit, including hands in all its six-axis splendor; Or a professional kit that includes everything else when adding a Bluetooth controller. Currently, both education kits are available at a retail price of $ 1,399.99 with a discount of $ 100 and professional kits at $ 1,539.99.

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