The world welcomes 2022 with muted celebrations as COVID-19 cases surge

Firecrackers light up the sky over Sydney Harbor when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. Brooke Mitchell / Getty Images

The world is ringing with a silent celebration for the second year in 2022 as the coronavirus epidemic, now due to the rapidly spreading type of omicron, disrupts daily life around the world. , Forced many cities to tone down or cancel the celebration altogether.

Times Square in New York City was still hosting an event, but it only allowed a small portion of the general crowd, and all participants over the age of 5 who did not qualify for the exception were required to wear full vaccines and face masks. .

Cities such as Atlanta and San Francisco canceled the typical celebration.

In New Zealand, traditional fireworks were replaced by a play of light, one of the first cities to start the New Year.

Australia continued to display seven minutes of fireworks at the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, but limited access to central Sydney, the Associated Press reported.

Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fawcett told Americans not to attend large gatherings on New Year’s Eve. “I advise people not to go to very large parties of 50 to 60 people where people play the whistle and all that. Something to party with and the vaccination status of the people around the area is not known,” Fawcett said.

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