TikTok is hiding a viral challenge that has kids stealing their school’s soap dispensers – TechCrunch

It’s back in the school season and on Tiktok, meaning the students are vaguely stealing everything that isn’t off.

The recent tic-tac-toe trend of wreaking havoc in general sees students pulling “fraudulent licks” નાનાa small-scale robbery of everything from soap dispensers, covid test kits and hand sanitizers to high-value items like classroom tech.

The video is set on an edited version of Lil Bee’s “Ski Ski Besdgod”, which appeared in nearly 100,000 videos on Tiktok as of Monday, according to Mashable, the #Devilick tag garnering more than 175 million views.

Tiktok broke down on Wednesday, limiting search results for viral stunts, removing videos with tags and encouraging users to “please” teachers.

A Tiktok spokesman told TechCrunch, “We expect our community to be safe and responsibly created, and we do not allow content that promotes or enables criminal activities.” “We’re removing this content and redirecting hashtags and search results to our community guidelines to discourage such behavior.”

While it’s hard to know which video has been staged and which is legal, the trend is so real that teachers and parents across the country are under stress. At a middle school in Las Vegas, school administrators inform students to swipe speed limit signs, fire alarms, soap dispensers and classroom projectors. And in Portland, at least one high school in Oregon found that the cost of soap distributors throughout the building was missing – not a great start to the second school year of the global epidemic.

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