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5 Free Music Apps That Don’t Need WiFi or Data

Whether you’re in an underground subway or going to a distant location, there are times when you won’t have Internet access or will only have it at a sluggish pace. It’s my gym, after all. It’s in the basement, and I’m having trouble picking up any signals.

Unfortunately, major music players such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other popular music streaming services do not provide free offline playback. This may be aggravating, particularly if you don’t have anything else to do and just want to listen to music. Fortunately, even the free versions of a few music streaming applications allow offline playback. Let us look at a few of them.

1. Trebel Music

Trebel is a fantastic music streaming software that is available for both Android and iOS. It allows you to download music for free and listen to it offline. It also lacks any audio advertisements. Anyone for Spotify?

Trebel has a diverse music collection that includes Hip Hop, Pop, R & B, Reggaeton, and more. Trebel does not offer audio advertisements, but it does supply banner and album art advertisements. This is used to keep the company running. Trebel, on the other hand, is only accessible in a few places, such as the United States. It works perfectly on a VPN app for other locations, such as the United Kingdom and India.


  • Vast playlist ranging from Hip Hop, Pop to R&B, Reggaeton, and more
  • No Audio ads
  • Free offline downloading songs


  • Available in limited regions

Download Trebel for Android | Trebel for iOS

2. Bandcamp

One of my favourite music sites is Bandcamp. It offers a large collection of both Indie and mainstream music producers. It helps to bridge the gap between Spotify and Soundcloud.

You may listen to Bandcamp without having to register. However, you would have to pay the artist to download the music. However, there are a large number of playlists that may be downloaded for free. You can hear them for free on Bandcamp or any other music app. For a lossless audio experience, Bandcamp now allows you to download FLAC and WAV audio files.


  • Huge collection of Indie and popular music
  • Lossless audio format for downloading
  • Contribute to your favorite creator


  • Automatic music suggestions aren’t that great

Download Bancamp for Android | Bandcamp for iOS

3. Pandora

Unlike Bandcamp and Trebel, Pandora’s free edition does not provide a direct method to listen to its radio stations and music offline. There is, however, a workaround. It’s a bit difficult, but it works.

To build a cache version, you’ll need to listen to the music a few times. This will be immediately saved on your phone. Now you’ll turn these tunes into a radio station. After that, you may turn on the offline mode option to listen to these stations without using any data. It will take a few minutes for the stations and songs to be completely in sync.


  • Upto 4 stations for offline
  • Extensive collection
  • Podcasts
  • Android and iOS


  • Tricky workaround

Download Pandora for Android | Pandora for iOS

4.  Pulsar

Pulsar isn’t a music player or a music streaming service. However, for Android users, it is one of the finest offline music players. It’s for those who have their own collection on a hard drive or a mobile device. Pulsar is the ideal software to listen to music if you want to maintain a collection offline.

Because the app has so many functions, it’s difficult to go through them all here. Simply download it and check it out for yourself. The UI is attractive and bright, and it includes features like gapless playback, tag and album art downloads, lyrics support, hundreds of skins, a 10-band equalizer, gesture support, Assistant support, and more.


  • Offline songs
  • Endless customizations
  • 10 band equalizer
  • Lyrics
  • Download tags, album art


  • No streaming
  • No iOS version

Download Pulsar: Android

5. Evermusic

Evermusic is the equivalent of Poweramp for iOS users. With the touch of a button, you may connect to a variety of cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Driver, and others. After connecting, you may simply download any music and listen to it without using WiFi or mobile data.

It has a strong equaliser, the option to modify tags, the ability to download album art, and much more. Because of its broad support for cloud storage sites, Evermusic is a popular alternative to Apple’s default music player.


  • Offline songs
  • Endless customizations
  • Band equalizer
  • Skins
  • Download album art, edit tags
  • Cloud storage support


  • No streaming
  • No Android version

Download Evermusic for iOS

Free Music Apps That Doesn’t Need Data or WiFi

These are some of the finest music player applications for Android and iOS users who want to listen to music offline. There is no need to pay for the trial version or to subscribe afterwards. To start listening to music offline, just download the applications and follow the steps provided above. While some of the applications are simple, others, such as SoundCloud and Pandora, may need more work.

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